We’ve probably all been told to “stand up straight” at one point or another. As kids, that direction probably just felt like another dumb reason for adults to chastise you. But in actuality, that was some pretty darn good advice. Your posture can have some major impacts on your body as a whole, and starting good posture habits early can help kids carry those good habits into adulthood — with so much screen time leading to things like “phone neck,” good posture habits are more important than ever. Here’s why good posture matters so much:


It Helps Reduce Pain

Your body’s internal structure does a lot of work to support you. Poor posture means your body has to work that much harder to do basic functions. When you practice good posture, your weight is more evenly distributed across your spine and joints. Poor posture puts additional strain on the muscles, ligaments, and tendons supporting your joints, which can cause ongoing neck and back pain.


It Protects Your Joints

Just like poor posture can strain muscles and soft tissue, it also puts added stress on your joints. The additional force created by the uneven distribution of weight that happens when you slouch can cause your joints to wear more quickly and inhibit your range of motion. Proper posture helps protect your joints and give you more freedom of movement.


It Helps You Breathe Easier

When you slouch, you limit the amount of space your lungs have to expand. This, in turn, means your body has to work harder to take in enough air. When you sit or stand up straight, you expand the room your lungs have to do their job, which means you’ll be able to take deeper breaths without working as hard to do so.


It Strengthens Your Core

Your abdominal muscles are a major source of support for both good posture and bad. The difference is, when you stand up straight, your deep “core” abdominal muscles are engaged. Over time, good posture will help strengthen your core and provide better support for your low back.


It Gives A Confidence Boost

You’ve likely heard the axiom, “fake it ‘til you make it.” Well, there’s evidence that actually supports this idea. Proper posture includes standing tall, pushing your shoulders back, and raising your chin — all markers associated with confidence. So practice good posture, and enjoy the boost in confidence it brings. As an added bonus, good posture can help you look taller and leaner than you do when slouching.


It Helps Energy Levels

Your body uses up a lot of energy just performing functions that you may not think about. The harder it has to work to do things, the more energy it needs. So, if you’re looking for a good way to improve your energy reserves on an ongoing basis, good posture can help.

It may seem like a little detail, but good posture can have myriad positive effects, from energy to natural back pain relief. Want to learn more? Contact Core Chiropractic + Wellness in Bakersfield for other natural back pain relief options, posture help, and more!