There is a misconception floating around that chiropractic care during pregnancy is risky and potentially harmful for you and your baby. Here at Core Chiropractic + Wellness in Bakersfield, we are here to set the record straight. Not only is chiropractic treatment of pregnant women safe — it’s recommended. As long as you are working with a chiropractic professional that has education and experience with prenatal chiropractics, there is little to no risk associated with getting an adjustment. There are loads of benefits that come with seeing your chiropractor during pregnancy that can make your pregnancy go much smoother. In today’s blog, we are going to talk about some of the main benefits that come with chiropractic treatment during pregnancy to make your eight (ish) months go a little smoother.

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Control nausea

We’ve all heard of the dreaded morning sickness. It’s probably the most notorious aspect of pregnancy and can be a nightmare for some expecting mothers. While there isn’t a magic pill or method that can take away all the morning sickness and nausea during pregnancy, there are some ways you can help control it. One of the ways that nausea can be controlled for some expecting mothers is through chiropractic treatment. It may sound a bit strange, but numerous studies and years of experience suggest that seeing your chiropractor during pregnancy can reduce the severity and the frequency of your morning sickness symptoms.

Relieve back pain

As we all know, when you’re pregnant, your belly is extended out, your hips and joints shift, and your spine can be thrown out of whack from the difference in weight distribution. All of these makes for the perfect storm of neck and back pain. Not only is neck and back pain uncomfortable, though, but it can also be unhealthy and make your pregnancy harder than it already is. Chiropractors aretrained to use specific techniques that can realign your spine and relieve tension in your tired, overworked joints. Regular visits to the chiropractor during pregnancy can drastically reduce your pain in your head, neck, and back. The real question is: why wouldn’t you get chiropractic work done when you are pregnant? It can make your life so much easier.

Properly position your baby

What many people might not know is that getting chiropractic done can help you get your baby in the proper position for a more ideal delivery. Much of the time during pregnancy an expecting mother’s hips and pelvis can become misaligned. When the pelvis is out of alignment, it can create a number of unnecessary obstacles. An out of line pelvis makes it harder for the baby to move into the ideal position in the womb. Additionally, it can make it more difficult for the expecting mother to have a natural birth since the birth canal is not completely aligned.

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