Many people wrongly assume that a massage therapist and a chiropractor offer the same type of treatments. Nothing could be further from the truth, but that poses the question “which one should I use for my pain?” With many Americans being plagued by chronic pain and working in environments that put continual, unexpected stresses on the body, it can make sense to start glancing around for help. After all, when your body starts to hurt, you start to worry. So, who should you turn to in the event of pain? Well, that all depends. 

What Are Your Needs?

Who you should go to depends largely on what your actual problems are and where the pain is stemming from. For example, pain that affects your hard tissues is something your chiropractor can fix more reliably than a massage therapist. Issues with specifically your spine, your joints, and even ligaments at times are all things that tend to be in a chiropractor’s wheelhouse. However, at times, both treatment styles can bear favorable results. 

The use of massage therapy is often due to muscular issues. You’ll profit from their help if you’re experiencing issues like strained muscles, tension, or if the muscle feels pulled. You’ll find that issues like overworked muscles and muscle spasms can often be worked out with the help of an experienced massage therapist. It can get tricky though, as there is a bit of overlap between massage therapy and chiropractic work in that some ailments you would generally go to a massage therapist for are merely symptoms of something that’s wrong with the hard tissues your chiropractor would be more capable of diagnosing. In this way, both treatments can be supplementary to each other, which is convenient as both are based on hands-on treatments that are mostly focused on remaining drug-free and non-invasive in care. 

Is A Chiropractor A Good First Stop?

In most cases, yes. While a massage therapist can address issues that are more like symptoms stemming from hard tissue ailments, the chiropractor will be able to quickly diagnose the root cause and begin treatment on that, rather than your symptoms. The other important difference to note is that a chiropractor needs a license to adjust joints and the spine, as well as potentially prescribe medication, should your treatment require it. Massage therapists do not require these things, and while they can help with similar ailments, there’s a big disparity between what they treat and how effectively they can treat it. While a massage therapist can suggest various homeopathic remedies to enhance their treatment, they’re rather limited and thus, most of their treatments don’t go farther than skin deep, in a sense. 

A massage therapist is still a valuable stop if you don’t think your pain is very serious. If they’re unsuccessful in completely eliminating your pain, then you may need to proceed to a chiropractor at that point. You know your pain level best, thus you’ll be the best judge of how the problem should first be addressed. 

Go to a massage therapist if you’re first looking to 

  • Increase blood flow
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Improve the condition of your skin
  • Boost your immunity
  • Relieve minor pains

When You Need A Chiropractor

The main concern for any chiropractor is your nervous system and your musculoskeletal system. Your chiropractor’s method of treatment will mainly focus on crafting rehabilitative and therapeutic exercises. These treatments might include massage therapy and other treatments meant to rebuild the strength of your hard tissues. They mainly focus on larger issues like:

  • Joint pain
  • Insomnia
  • Tension
  • Tendonitis
  • Spine issues
  • Headaches

Your treatment might be more readily found when you first go to a chiropractor as they can use tools like x-rays and blood work to bolster their initial medical diagnosis. This can ensure that you don’t spend your health budget on ineffective treatments that end up being less than substantial. In addition to a more rigorous education, this makes a chiropractor’s treatment methods more thorough and effective than massage therapists can be, as they don’t have access to the same valuable imaging tools you may need and can’t address the problem as directly. 

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