Massage therapy, although commonly notorious for exclusively being offered at spas and resorts, is now being offered in clinics, hospitals, businesses, and even airports. Massages are not only an effective at relieving sore muscles and irritated joints, it also doubles a stress reliever, too.

In our last blog, we covered a beginners guide to massage therapy, highlighting what exactly massage therapy is, how it works,  why it is important, how we can benefit from it, and lastly, common massage therapy techniques, many of which are practiced here at Core Chiropractic and Wellness. Again, massage therapy involves hands-on techniques, movements, and pressure to relieve tension and help muscles relax, in addition to many other benefits. Today, we are going to continue our Beginners Guide To Massage Therapy In Bakersfield by going over some of the main benefits of receiving massage therapy.

Benefits of Massage Therapy

When people think of massage therapy, they usually view it as a spa treatment instead of an integral part of body maintenance, health, and well-being. The reality is, massages can help actually promote overall health and wellbeing on an array of levels —both emotional and physical in relation to positive psychological health. In fact, the manipulation of the body’s soft tissues has a variety of benefits, many that people do not generally know or realize. Check out some of the great benefits of massage therapy.

Reduced pain

In addition to chiropractic care, massage therapy is instrumental in reducing back pain. Some medical professionals believe that massages can be just as effective as medications when it comes to relieving pain. In addition, massage therapy can help reduce muscle pain and soreness, too. Muscle pain can come from performing strenuous activities and can even be caused by sitting at a desk for too long. Massages help loosen these muscles, relieving tension, helping them relax, and reducing pain. Massage therapy can also help increase a body’s range of motion, enabling an improved performance throughout daily activities.  

Relieves stress and anxiety

Stress and anxiety can come in a variety of forms, affecting each person differently. Many people are unaware that both stress and anxiety can make us more susceptible to illnesses and muscle pain. While massage therapy is not guaranteed to completely eliminate one’s stress and anxiety levels, it can help reduce it and make it easier to manage. A relaxing, calming massage can lead to lower anxiety, making it easier to manage stress and maintain a positive attitude throughout the day.

Improves blood circulation

A long-term benefit of massage therapy is that it improves blood circulation. No matter which technique is used, the pressure created allows blood to better flow through congested areas,  which enables new blood to flow in. The pressure also helps flush lactic acid in the muscles, which is known to create chronic muscle soreness and fatigue. Massage therapy is also an effective way to lower blood pressure.

Strengthens immune system

Our immune systems protect us from various diseases and viruses. A healthy immune system will be able to identify any parasites, viruses, or bacteria in the body, destroying them before they can cause damage to the body. Various studies have shown that massage therapy can help strengthen the functioning of the immune system, helping patients reduce the risk of catching a nasty bug. This is because having massages can increase the number of white blood cells that are moving throughout the body.

Improves posture

In today’s generation, more and more people are starting to develop bad posture. Sitting all the time, whether at work, at home, or in the car and plenty of other daily activities can negatively impact our posture. Only a small percentage of the population actually takes the time and effort to practice preventive measurements to help improve their posture. Bad posture can lead to pain in the back, neck, and even glutes. Fortunately, both bad posture and the pain caused by bad posture can help corrected through massage therapy. Repetitive sessions with a massage therapist can help reinforce the natural movements of the various body parts, enabling the body to be properly position and aligned for pain-free posture. It can also help relieve soreness in muscles.

Quicker injury recovery

The rehabilitation process of a physical injury can be exhausting and painful. Physical injuries, such as the ones caused during sports or auto accidents, can be destructive to our bodies’ overall health. And, some people find that many rehabilitation programs are not effective at restoring a damaged area to its pre-injury state. Massage therapy plays a vital role in complementing rehabilitation procedures for physical injuries. Proper muscle relaxation and blood flow circulation in affected areas will allow a body’s blood to deliver much-needed nutrients, such as oxygen, to the body’s system. This can be beneficial in improving range of motion and flexibility. Massage therapy can potentially help speed up the recovery process after an injury.

As you can see, there are many benefits to receiving massage therapy, not to mention the multiple other benefits we didn’t cover. If someone is ever tense, uncomfortable, or in pain and is in need of relief, massage therapy may be worth exploring.

Want to experience the benefits of massage therapy?

Massage therapy can be beneficial for anyone, even if it is just to relax and relieve stress. If you want to experience one of the many benefits of massage therapy in Bakersfield, visit the massage therapists at Core Chiropractic and Wellness. Our certified massage therapists can help relieve patients of pain, tension, and stress through various techniques, movements, and pressures, without using any prescribed medications. Whether you are experiencing pain or discomfort in the back, neck, shoulders, or in other muscles or ligaments, when combined with a chiropractic adjustment, our massage therapy can have seemingly-infinite benefits. We offer many popular massage techniques, including Swedish, Hot Stone, and Deep Pressure massages. If you are ready to experience one of the best massages in Bakersfield, schedule a massage therapy appointment at Core Chiropractic and Wellness!