Prenatal Chiropractic

Dr. Christopher Berry is Bakersfield’s most experienced prenatal chiropractic specialist. He is Bakersfield’s chiropractor of choice for many local obstetricians and midwives who refer their patients for chiropractic care. He employs safe and gentle chiropractic techniques while utilizing special tables and equipment designed to accommodate women in all stages of pregnancy. Dr. Berry has undergone special post-graduate training in order to provide advanced prenatal care for expectant mothers. He is a certified Webster Technique practitioner and is also a former ICEA certified prenatal fitness instructor.

Some of the key benefits of a prenatal chiropractic care include:

-Maintaining a healthier pregnancy
-Reducing the time of labor and delivery
-Relieving back, neck or joint pain
-Reduction of nervous tension
-Creates balance in pelvic bony structures, muscles and ligaments
-Decreased nausea
-Improved functioning of the immune system
-Improved posture
-Better sleep

According to the American Pregnancy Association (APA), chiropractic care during pregnancy may be beneficial with reducing the time of labor & delivery, and in controlling symptoms of nausea. In addition, it helps relieve low back pain, neck pain, and headaches that are common with pregnancy. Contact us today to decide whether prenatal chiropractics in Bakersfield is right for you and your baby.