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Physiotherapy Bakersfield

Discover personalized pain relief and healing.

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Work With the Top Rated Local® Chiropractor

At Core Chiropractic + Wellness, we take pride in offering the best chiropractic services in Bakersfield. When you come in and work with our chiropractor for physiotherapy, you can rest assured that you are going to get individualized treatment tailored to your body’s needs. Get effective and fast pain relief, schedule your chiropractic appointment today.

Why work with our chiropractic team at Core Chiropractic + Wellness for physiotherapy?

• We have years of experience helping people through our physiotherapy services
• We make sure to cater to each client’s individual needs
• We have won the “Best of Bakersfield Chiropractor” consecutively for the last nine years
• We accept most forms of insurance
• We will help you recover more quickly and completely

Call our chiropractic team in Bakersfield today to schedule your physiotherapy appointment!


Integrating many functional health modalities, our approach to physiotherapy provides patients with a variety of measures that ensure improved mobility and functionality. The purpose of physiotherapy is to quicken recovery, eliminate pain, and restore wellness. Each physiotherapy service, whether as a stand-alone treatment or complementary care, is personalized to meet your unique needs and objectives.

Combining the efforts of Core Chiropractic + Wellness’ exemplary healthcare professionals, our services include:

  • Spinal traction
  • Moist-heat therapy
  • Massage therapy
  • Electrical muscle stimulation
  • Cryotherapy
  • Neuromuscular re-education
  • Therapeutic exercise
  • At-home exercise
  • Ultrasound
  • Myofascial release
  • Injury-specific rehabilitation
  • Ultrasound
  • Coordination and balance

Serving the residents of Bakersfield, we strive to ensure your optimal, long-term health. Discover the difference Core Chiropractic + Wellness can make by scheduling your initial physical assessment for phsiotherapy now.

Swedish Massage:

This massage therapy approach is a vigorous system of treatment designed to energize the body by stimulating circulation. Benefits of Swedish massage may include generalized relaxation, dissolution of scar tissue and improved circulation.

Pregnancy Massage:

These are specific massage techniques that have been shown to reduce pregnancy discomfort and to enhance the physiological and emotional well-being of both mother and baby. All massage therapists at Core Chiropractic + Wellness are prenatal certified.

Postpartum Massage:

Massage therapy can be given directly after birth and in the days following to help reduce backaches, stress, fatigue and even postpartum depression. 

Hot Stone Massage:

The use of heated stones on the back, hands and between the toes helps to alleviate pain and to relax the muscles. This is then followed by a traditional massage.

Deep Tissue Massage:

This type of massage is aimed at the deep tissue structures of the muscles and is focused to release chronic muscle tension or knots.

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